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Why Content Management?

If you are reading this page, you probably already know the headaches of trying to manage large amounts of web based content while maintaining a uniform look and feel, juggling the content demands of several content contributors, and controlling an ever-growing navigational structure.

A content management solution is the perfect answer to the above situation. A good content management server (CMS) solution will off-load content maintenance from the web development staff and hand it over to the already active content contributors. The web staff is then able to more readily concentrate on developing a uniform look and feel for the site (usually using templates), maintain a reasonable and controllable site structure, and take on more code-intensive web projects. A good CMS solution also puts the power of content management in the hands of the actual content authors, and removes the unnecessary middle man.

The best part of a good CMS solution is the fact that content authoring and management all happen via a standard web browser. There is no special software that has to be installed on each content contributor's machine - and the content contributors don't have to learn a new piece of software to become effective managers of their content.

Microsoft CMS 2002 delivers all of the above mentioned features, while leaning on the power of the Microsoft .NET platform. This opens up a world of control to the web development staff, while empowering the content contributor to take ownership of the web site content. Content management is the best solution currently available that allows both the content contributors and the web development staff to take control of ever-growing web sites without having to increase web development head counts.

However, there are a few problems with traditional CMS solutions.  Read more...

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