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The New Smart Language Connector for Microsoft CMS 2002

EDM Software is proud to introduce the Smart Language Connector for Microsoft CMS 2002.  Finally, multilingual web site management made easy.

The Smart Language Connector for 2002 takes advantage of the powerful content management solution that is Microsoft CMS 2002, the power and security of the .NET Framework, and the expertise and experience of years of working in a multilingual environment.  Through the use of ISO standard language codes, Wordlets (defined below), enhanced Multilingual Placeholder controls, and direct inheritance off of the Microsoft CMS 2002 API, the Smart Language Connector plugs into Microsoft CMS 2002 natively to provide a complete, connected, and seamless experience to both the end user and the content contributors and moderators.

Click here for a walkthrough about Content Management, the difficulties of current CMS solutions, and how the Smart Language Connector helps solve those problems - or read below for more information on the Smart Language Connector.

Multilingual Placeholders

The Smart Language Connector provides the Microsoft CMS 2002 template developer with several new Placeholder controls that allow the storage of content in any number of languages (instead of the single language instance that the base Placeholder controls allow.)  Both the base Html and Xml Placeholders have been extended - the SLC provides the template developer with both a basic Html Multilingual Placeholder, as well as an Xml Multilingual Placeholder.

Smart Language Connector API

The Smart Language Connector also provides the template developer with an advanced API that makes programming templates to take advantage of the multilingual properties of the Smart Language Connector a breeze.  Creating custom "View Site In" menus, examining page properties, building multilingual navigation - it's all brought together through the Smart Language Connector API.


To make the site experience complete, the Smart Language Connector introduces "Wordlets" - translatable language elements that can be used where Placeholders are not practical.  Wordlets make sure that copyright notices, commonly used phrases, and other language elements not open to the content contributors can also be translated, maintained, and reused - to be sure that every language element on the template participates in multilingual presentation.

For more information on the Smart Language Connector for Microsoft CMS 2002, and how it - combined with Microsoft CMS 2002 and the .NET Framework -  can help your company manage multilingual websites without losing any of the features or ease that are the underpinnings of content management - please fill out our contact form.


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